Edward Yancey is a wonderful person full of greatness! He was born on a warm winter's day back in 1862 in the back of a small Dodge mini van. His mother had to work at the local saw mill mining coal. After discovering how to split the atom, she moved her family to a safe location in the Amazon where Edward learned how to hunt gators and purple agnostics. One day while out on a hike, Edward found paper that allowed him to legally change his name to Steve Stevenson.


Steve Stevenson decided to move from the Amazon to a little town named Lowville. In Lowville he set up a hospital. Not knowing how to preform operations of any kind, Steve Stevenson was forced to leave his practice under the cover of night. On the run and wanted for questioning for the accidental death of fifteen patients, Steve Stevenson changed his name back to Edward Yancey.


Edward Yancey later learned how to draw and make this wonderful website. He wanted to share his work with everyone. He is now working on a way to make a time machine that bakes cookies and plays AC/DC. If he succeeds, you will never hear of him.